Problems Met Of The Indigenous Peoples (Ips) In The Completion Of Tertiary Education In The Philippines

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Dr. Rene B. Regaspi


The study aimed to assess the problems affecting the completion of tertiary education of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) in Zambales, Philippines.  As the IPs pursue college life, their physical, moral, spiritual, and financial readiness is put to test. They encounter difficulties balancing their traditions with contemporary culture. The study used descriptive survey method. Three Hundred Forty-three (343) IPs college students served as respondents. The respondents were chosen using the convenience sampling method. The 5-point Likert scale was also used.

Results showed that the respondents are most frequently challenged by technology and media. This is attributed to new technology and multimedia, as most Aeta respondents live in remote areas that are yet to be reached by electricity and internet connection. Despite the knowledge of most IPs on the vitality of education to their lives, limited technology would perhaps bring undesirable effect on their studies in tertiary education.

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