Gender Concerns As Viewed By Coaches And Athletes

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This study has dealt with gender concerns viewed by coaches and athletes of select team sports among State Colleges and Universities (SUCs) in Zamboanga City. These included views and perceptions that confronted coaches and athletes on gender concerns such as entry in the team, first game line-up, training routines, treatment during pre, actual, and post games, and quartering. It utilized a descriptive-correlational analysis method of research, employing quantitative and qualitative approaches. The results yielded a high over-all level of perception among coaches on athletes having different sexual orientation. The over-all mean value however still gives a positive impression that coaches did not see a problem or a concern when aspiring athletes especially those with different gender preferences express their desire to join their team.  In terms of fielding athletes in the first-line –up, coaches still preferred good record and performance and that gender preferences came as the least consideration.There was a high result implied in this study which revealed that LGBT athletes in the team were not exempted from performing these activities because there are physical and health benefits that can be derived from these which in turn are useful in the actual conduct of games. Further, the high perception in the indicator for treatment in the pre, actual, and post games   revealed that coaches practice fair and equal treatment among their athletes and made sure that team rules and policies were observed.Lastly, the indicator/factor (quartering) yielded a high mean value implied that in this indicator, quartering of athletes generally was not an issue or concern as coaches perceived these as a safe space for everyone. The over-all result has manifested a general perception of acceptability among team coaches, hence, the playing partnership among coaches and members in the team was not affected. In order to give recognition to the LGBT athletes as a unique organization among the SUCs in Zamboanga, the proposed action plan incorporating variety of activities are deemed necessary to be implemented.

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