Sustainable Livelihood Assessment (SLA) To Support Improvement Of The Welfare Of Conflict Victims In Poso

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Agit Kriswantriyono , Sumardjo , Widiatmaka , Machfud


Empowerment of residents in conflict areas in the Poso Regency has had social and economic impacts. The condition of the people in the conflict area after several years of empowerment activities has improved. In this study, what supporting factors for sustainable resources can sustain an increase in the residents’ capacity so that they could optimize the potential of existing resources is the question. The aims of this study are: (1) to analyze the support from resources in bolstering sustainable livelihoods in the conflict area, and (2) to analyze aspects of income increase and equalization. The study was conducted in 3 conflict villages in Poso: Padalembara and Pinedapa Villages in Poso Pesisir District and Masani Village in South Poso Pesisir District. The results of the study show that the greatest resource support for realizing a sustainable life for residents in 3 villages were social resources in Padalembara and Masani villages and human resources in Pinedapa Village. The support of these resources has resulted in an income increase and equality in the 3 villages.

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