Factors Of Sexual Health, Sexual Function, And Sexual Satisfaction Of Married Adults: A Systematic Review

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Anu Anns Pious , Anekal C. Amaresha


Sexual health is a state of sexual well-being and not just the absence of dysfunctions. Sexual function and satisfaction are two important components of human functioning. This paper aims to analyze the literature on factors of sexual health, sexual function, and sexual satisfaction of married adults for decades to understand the paradigm shift in this area.  A systematic and methodological search found relevant studies from 2005 to 2020 from major databases with predetermined criteria. The systematic review adopted the framework of scoping review. It found that sexual health, sexual function, and sexual satisfaction are influenced positively or negatively by bio-psycho-social and cultural factors, that were either intrapersonal which includes factors within the individual, or interpersonal, which includes factors that occur between couples, or environmental, which includes extrinsic and peripheral determinants of the individual. The review implies the need of understanding various factors of sexual health, function, and satisfaction in various cultural contexts. Also indicate the need for in-depth gender-specific studies in this area with a deep focus on each kind of factor, as the factors are varying among male and females.

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