The Role Of Universities In Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 In Balochistan

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Israr Ullah Kakar , Dr. Siraj Bashir


The purpose of the research was to explore the role of universities in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 (quality education) in Balochistan. The study also attempted to discover knowledge and awareness of the SDGs among the university community in Balochistan. The study used a quantitative inquiry approach, and data was collected from 120 respondents from major universities in Balochistan using an interview schedule. The results of the study explored that universities had a very vital and prominent role in achieving overall sustainable development goals, especially in SDG 4 (quality education), but there were several factors, like low budgets for universities, a lack of modern tools, equipment, and technology, and a lack of research grants on sustainable development, that prevented universities from achieving sustainable development goals. According to research findings, respondents in the university community presented good but insufficient knowledge about sustainable development, but knowledge in this area should increase in order to understand all SDGs with their goals and targets. The research study recommended that government, non-government, and international agencies should support universities of Balochistan, in order to achieve SDGs, especially sustainable development goal 4. A great change in mindsets and culture is needed in society, academia, and government if we want to meet the challenges of this era.

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