Impact Of Students’ Ubiquitous Learning Through Web 2.0 Tool On Students’ 21st Century Skills: Creativity

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Dr. Safia Urooj , Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Farooq


The higher education sector has entered a new era with the rise of ubiquitous learning environments. This form of learning, which offers seamless and personalized access to digital and authentic resources, is a return to traditional human learning. The study aimed to examine the impact of ubiquitous learning through Web 2.0 technology tools on the development of 21st century learning skills creativity among graduate-level students in public sector universities of Sindh and Punjab provinces in Pakistan. The research was conducted using a survey with 500 university teachers as participants. The findings showed a significant impact of ubiquitous learning on the development of creativity among students. The study suggests that both public and private sector universities should invest in ICT infrastructure and provide ICT-based trainings for teachers to promote ubiquitous learning among students. The results of this study can assist university teachers in developing a ubiquitous learning environment through Web 2.0 technology tools and provide students with the opportunity to develop 21st century learning skills efficiently.

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