The Evolution Of Human Thought In The Light Of Previous Divine Teachings

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Dr. HM Azhar Usama , Rhmana Kausar , Zahid Farooq , Dr. Sayed Alam jmal Abdusslam Hasham , Dr. Amber Ghani , Dr. Malik Kamran (Corresponding Author) , Dr. Naseer Ahmad Akhtar


While human life has been going through biological evolution from the beginning, its concern is also present in the present era, passing through special stages of development. One of the links of this intellectual evolution is the revelation of the inspired books, which Allah Almighty has revealed from time to time according to the intellectual capacity of man while organizing teachings for the basic spiritual satisfaction of man. When he had an understanding of the commands and narrative style, the Torah was given, when he found the mysteries of the soul that led him to the next stage, he was given the method of supplication and prayer, in the form of psalms. Now that he had reached a stage of spirituality where he needed more humility, he was blessed with the Gospel. After determining these three important stages, when he was able to understand all arguments, and reached his intellectual peak, then he was given a book with a principled and abstract style of thinking like the Holy Qur'an. This intellectual evolution inspired books. It has been revealed at the time according to the need and human thought. So that it is easy for man to understand these teachings and orders and man can fight the intellectual changes that have occurred in the age with the power of argument, because argument is the power that man can use. It distinguishes human beings from other creatures and is an important means of evolution of human thought and consciousness. It is necessary that the books of Samavyah should take into account the factors affecting human thought and guide human thought towards evolution in the same order. It should be followed in the same way that the creator of the universe has taken care of human thought in the order of revelation of books.

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