Compositional Components Of Human Personality And Inspired Teachings

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Dr. Malik Kamran , Dr. Sumbal Ashraf , Zahid Farooq , Dr. Sayed Alam Jmal Abdusslam Hasham , Dr. Amber Ghani , Kausar Yasin , Dr. Sima , Dr. Bushra Nosheen


The main relevance and area of the Qur'an in human character building and personality development is that the subject of the Qur'an is man, and man is a combination of body, soul and attributes, and the Qur'an makes these three elements its subject for discussion - the different periods of the structure of the human body and then the reality of the soul and its Relationship with the body, all these come under the subject of human training. In the body, the soul is the main motivation and the personality of a person depends on the purity or refinement of the human soul.In the study of personality, the individual is seen as a complete whole who acts as a unit in which all his physical and psychological structures are co-ordinated and his character and actions are distinguished from others. It comes out.When internal and external factors affect both of the above-mentioned elements i.e. body and soul, then the qualities of a human being, whether bad or good, come to the fore. Therefore, the soul is the central reforming element, through its purification, the qualities of the human body are expressed. It is through which the good actions that are required by the society come out in the personality.Both soul and matter are not separate and apart from each other in a human being, but they both form a complete and harmonious unit, and this complete and harmonious combination forms the human nature and personality. In which Allah Ta'ala has mentioned the foundations and elements of the structure of the human body as well as the soul.

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