An Inquiry Into Creative Teaching Practices At Secondary School Level In District Peshawar

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Sanam Alam , Dr Wilayat Bibi , Dr Saima Parwez , Dr. Hafiz M. Inamullah


In the process of creative teaching, the instructor encourages students' interest in the content and then guides them to creatively solve the problem on their own, or presents particular difficulties and asks students to use all available resources to creatively solve the problem. The purpose of this study was to learn more about to examine teachers' innovative teaching approaches among secondary school instructors. For this purpose, the study used Quantitative research method. The population of this study was SST Science and SST General female teachers of Government Girls High Schools. For this study 65 schools were selected by using Stratified Random Sampling techniques. The sample of the study was 231 teachers, 90 SST Science and 232 SST General Teachers. The researcher used self-constructed liker type Questionnaire for the collection of quantitative data for the study comprised of 39 items. It was concluded that most participants learn something new, come up with fresh ideas, utilize feelings to help them envision, stand out from the crowd, produce ideas that lead to a range of professions, and largely accomplish their tasks by focusing on effective ideas all of the time. Many instructors want to teach a variety of instructional materials, examine ideas for dealing with real-world challenges, and use a variety of methodologies in order to stay one step ahead of their colleagues. Students can learn more by taking them to locations other than the classroom, such as the laboratory, library, or grounds. They incorporated new knowledge very immediately, arranged class so that every student could engage, employed an interactive instructional style, and answered student concerns the majority of the time.

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