Exploring Iqbal’s Quranic Insights: A Critical Review

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Dr.Mutahir Shah , Dr. ShahidAmin , EjazurRehman , Musarrat khan , Dr. Naheed Akhtar , Saira Bibi


Allama Iqbal is an outstanding poet of Urdu & Persian languages ​​and a great philosopher, thinker, and religious scholar. His poetry is celebrated for the art of writing poetry and enriched with views that played a vital role in the foundation of a nation. The process of creating a nation's fabric starts at the individual level, enlightens the geographical region, and eventually extends to the entire world. It consequently ties the whole Muslim Ummah in a bond. His views cast the reflection of our ultimate guide, "The Quran." He took guidance from the Quran and suggested that Muslims do the same. If Muslim leaders live in the way determined for them through the Quran, they can genuinely be a United Ummah. Iqbal repeatedly tries to persuade Muslims to understand the teachings of the Quran.

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