The Importance Of Heritage Conservation, Preservation, And Restoration In Pakistan

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Dr. Zain Ul Abiden Malik , DR. TARAQ WAHEED , Salma Shujeb Akhter , Youra Kasusar , Sundas Shabbir , Rimsha Ismail , Maaz Bin Arif , Fazeel


This study intends to give a refreshed overview of the preservation, conservation and restoration of heritage in Pakistan. In the last few years, many artifacts are preserved in museum, many buildings; heritage sites are conserved and restored by government and related parties with the help of local communities and experts (archaeologist, anthropologist, architectures or other scientist). Today, few would consent the idea that legacy is significant and worthy of preservation and that actively participating in its destruction is a crime against both the culture to which it belongs and mankind at large. The preservation of Pakistan’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage has resulted in a few remarkable projects. Cultural heritage helps to preserve the history and traditions of a society, providing a sense of identity and belonging for current and future generations. Moreover, it’s about time when the idea of sustainable tourism must be included into the policies and current legal systems. The idea of sustainable tourism has become essential for the preservation and management of the cultural and natural world heritage sites. This paper briefly describes the importance of heritage conservation, preservation, and restoration in Pakistan.

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