Democracy Between Centralization Of Power And Application Permissibility In Islamic Thought

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Hajir D Hashoosh Al-Behadili


Among the arguments in which the intellectual debate took place, between Islamic researchers and interested parties, is the so-called "democracy". Democracy as one of the mechanisms of political governance in the modern era, because of the lofty principles and values ​​it contains that elevate the political community. However, the philosophical foundation upon which democracy was based, based on the principle of human originality, collides with the constants of the Islamic religion. Therefore, the research tried to take advantage of this mechanism and employ it in the circle of Islam separately from the philosophical basis, dealing with it with a material and neutral nature so that it did not lead to any violation or transgression of an Islamic constant. This includes following the approach of scholars of jurisprudence and principles, which was presented in the research through three sections distributed depending on defining the topic based on the reality of democracy, and determining the ruling based on the constants of the Islamic religion.

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