Consumer Protection And Protectionism In Pakistan: Regulatory Framework, Issues And Solutions

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Dr. Aatir Rizvi , Muhammad Azeem Farooqi , Dr. Muhammad Ramzan , H. Imran Ahmed Qureshi , Kashif Javed


There is a dire need to help such consumers who have been victims of crook sellers, manufacturers and dealers through faulty goods and substandard services. Every educated and stable society gives protections to their consumers who are backbone of any economy. Even Islam has discussed the importance of fair dealing, fulfillment of contractual obligations in true letter and spirit, avoidance of misrepresentation while selling and ethical dealings while entering into business transactions. The concept of consumer protection covers a wide range of protections including but not limited to products liability, privacy rights, unfair business practices, fraud, misrepresentation and other consumer/business interactions. In 1985 the United Nations issued guidelines in this regard to acknowledge the importance of the issue. Pakistani consumers have long been neglected either deliberately or inadvertently by the Government and manufacturers, as the laws have not been implemented in full spirit. There have been fraudulent advertisements, misleading information and hazardous products and faulty services for them, with no redressal at all. The times are changing now and due to globalization consumers are much knowledgeable and informed. It is high time to implement the consumer protection laws as a dormant law in the books which is never applied is like a bullet-less gun.

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