Role Of Teacher As E-Leadership In Students Learning: A Viewpoint Of University Students

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Dr. Hina Munir , Dr. Qudsia Fatima , Prof. Dr. Navid Jamil Malik , Dr.Muhammad Amjad Abid , Dr. Muhammad Shahid Zulfiqar Ali


In this modern and digitalized time, day by day we are converting into technological space and using ICTs for our determined purposes. Organizations and leaders are empowering themselves with IT. The educational sector is also influenced by technology and the whole institutional team of any educational organization is being relied on technology. This research article aims to investigate the role of the teacher as an e-leadership in students learning. The objective of the study is to explore how instructors might act as e-leaders and what this means for student learning results. Through survey quantitative data is collected and the outcome shows that e-leadership has a strong beneficial influence on strengthening the student learning commitment of students in the virtual learning environment. Additionally, the study discovers a strong correlation between teacher behavior and the six aspects of the e-leadership teacher.

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