The Effect Of Teachers’ Training In Managing Strategies On The Academic Achievement Of Students With Learning Disabilities In Elementary Education

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Miss. Sadia Ambarin , Professor Dr. Muhammad Naseer Ud Din , Mr. Shah Jehan


The aim of the study was to examine the effect of teacher training in managing strategies on the academic achievement of students with learning disabilities in elementary education. The research design was a one group pre-test post-test, and a purposive sampling method was utilized to gather a sample of 40 students from Cantt Public School Kohat. Five teachers were trained in coping strategies and their performance was measured before and after the training. The students were taught English, Urdu, and Mathematics and post-test results showed an improvement in all three subjects. This study's outcomes imply that providing teacher training in coping strategies is a successful approach to enhancing the academic performance of elementary school students with learning disabilities. The research findings indicate that providing teachers with training in strategies for handling difficulties can significantly improve the academic outcomes of students with learning disabilities. The research suggests that additional teacher education in strategies for handling challenges would enhance their ability to aid students with learning disabilities in achieving academic success.

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