Gamification In Physics Class For Athletes: Concerns And Attitudes For A Positive Sporting Life

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Cindy Yineth Marin Olmos , Jaime Duván Reyes Roncancio , Edier Hernán Bustos Velazco


This article aimed to determine the learning developed by a group of tenth-grade students at a private school in Bogota (Colombia) about Newton’s laws, based on the approach of Phenomena-Based Learning (PBL) and using gamification as a teaching strategy. The action research methodology was interpretative and qualitative; for the implementation, the population studied was first characterized by identifying the personality of the type of player; then, the activities were designed considering the dimensions of the PBL; the six levels of the gamified system served as a basis for the collection of information. Subsequently, the news was analyzed, taking as a reference the categories of data analysis: holisticity, contextuality, authenticity, strength, Newton's laws, and gamification, and the data obtained were interpreted using the MAXQDA® program. Finally, the students emphasized that learning can be done in a different and fun way and that the activities motivated them to advance in their education; it was determined that in addition to having the theoretical bases corresponding to their grades around the topic of Newton's laws, they achieved explanations from different areas of their daily knowledge and find value and usefulness to what they have learned.

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