Emotional Intelligence And Leadership Skills Among University Students In Pakistan

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Dr. Farah Latif Naz , Dr. Afrina Afzal , Dr. Zahida Aziz Sial


This present study explored the effect of prevailing curricular activities on the development of emotional intelligence and leadership skills in the students of universities in. Meanwhile, the traits of emotional intelligence and leadership skills have been less focused especially the curriculum at this stage in Pakistan. For achieving the purpose of this study pure sciences and languages students of (BS English and Physics) have been taken as the participants, moreover, to meet the objective random sampling technique have used, the data was collected from two (02) campuses of University of Education (Lahore and Multan) campus. Survey questionnaires were distributed and completed with the help institutional faculty and students. The data was analyzed with the help of Self-Report Measure of Emotional Intelligence that was based on Goleman's Mixed Model of EI (Emotional Intelligence) this was considered most convenient  tool for data collection at initial educational stages. The results revealed that the students at initial level of their education have better Emotional capabilities than the students in the final level of educational stage. Further, the finding of the current study helps to suggest that need to elevate and meet the standers of the university curricular for develop the leadership skills with appropriate use of emotional intelligence at the university level.

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