Identifying and ranking factors affecting new oil contracts in Iran

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Mohsen Kasaeezadeh , Seyed Adel Khorasani


One of the most important parts of oil contracts is the financial regime. The new generation of upstream contracts, which is referred to as Iranian oil contracts, has recently been designed and placed on the agenda of the Ministry of Oil. Currently, the nature and structure of the financial system has been introduced in Iran's new oil contracts, then by reviewing the texts related to the financial system and interviewing experts, the selection of financing evaluation criteria has been made. The research method was fuzzy AHP and the statistical population of the research is 20 experts and managers of the country's oil industry. The tool of the current research is an expert-oriented questionnaire, which was identified based on the opinions of experts, and 32 components were finally finalized by ranking and determining the weight of 5 criteria. According to the results of the research, the criteria of providing and attracting foreign investment, balance between risk and reward, expected return, flexibility and safety withdrawal from the reservoir have been given higher priority in the financial system of the new oil contract.

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