Dichotomy, Partisan, Propaganda And Dehumanization: Framing Of Foe In The Economist And Time

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Dr. Nasim Ishaq , Dr. Tanveer Hussain , Sana Haroon


The current article studies the American, British leading newsmagazine’s exposure of the battles in Afghanistan, Iraq, and military operations in Pakistan. These newsmagazine’s articles, essays, and reports are studied for the mode in which an appearance of the “foe” is fabricated and outlined in prevailing media elucidation. An inquiry of the data divulges a configuration of degrading language used to foe privileged as well as Arab and Muslim inhabitants at large in the media’s indiscriminating replica of similes that linguistically frame the enemy in categorical ways. Chiefly, the article discusses that the international media have contributed to umpiring structures of Islam and Muslims, marshaling conversant similes in illustrations that manufacture a foe-Other who is assaulted, dichotomized, and eventually dispensable. These dichotomized and partisan similes take the practice of animal descriptions that connects and diminishes human activities with sub-human conduct (Steuter, E., & Wills, D, 2009).   The current paper debates that the frequent consumption of animal allegories by monopoly media institutes establishes enthused illustrations that have sociopolitical standing. The evidence of the significance of these demonstrations is more than pretentious, triggering the phase for racialist counterattack, inmate exploitation, and even annihilation (Steuter, E., & Wills, D, 2009).

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