Organizational Cease Of Healthcare Workers In Pakistan Investigating Covid & Post Covid Effects Of Work-Family Conflict, Lack Of Appraisal And Job Demand

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Dr.Sofia Bano , Asim Mubashir , Urooj Aijaz , Anum Hayat , Sarah Hakeem


The study has investigated the factors that provoke healthcare HR to leave their job in Pakistan. Therein, the study has examined the role of work-family conflict, lack of appraisal and job overload/demands on intention to leave their healthcare organization with the parallel mediation of work engagement and meaningful of work in the healthcare facilities of Karachi. The study has collected 372 responses from the employees of healthcare organizations in Karachi using a five-point Likert scale questionnaire based on purposive sampling technique and survey methodology for data collection. PLS-SEM using SmartPLS v3 has been employed for data analysis. The results have shown that WFC has a negative direct effect on WE, meaning of work and TI while lack of appraisal and job overload/demands have a negative direct on WE and meaning of work and positive direct effect on TI. Likewise, WE and meaning of work have negative direct effect on TI. Moreover, WFC, lack of appraisal and job overload/demands have a positive effect on TI with the parallel mediation of WE and meaning of work. The study concluded that healthcare organizations of Pakistan should emphasize on managing work-family conflict of their employees by introducing flexible working hours, job rotations, and paid leave policies. Mobilization of the medical and non-medical staff may also help healthcare facilities to improve work-life balance of their employees.

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