Nuclear Powers And Terrorism: An Unfinished Crisis (A Case Of Pakistan And India)

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Dr. Tahira Mumtaz , Dr. Usman Qais , Dr Ammara Tabassum , Fatima Bilal , Umbrin Akbar


Pakistan and India have combative relations due to the unfinished agenda of partition and has territorial disputes since their independence. Non-resolution of these disputes widened the gap of trust between the two nuclear states. Along with all other disputes Terrorism has taken the centre stage because the non-cooperative attitudes from both sides encouraged non-state actors to halt the process of normalisation between Pakistan and India. The study has started with the sole argument that the peace process of this region is now turned into a complex political theatre where terrorism is the major menace. This study aims to investigate the nature and substance of the South Asian peace process with particular emphasis on India-Pakistan. Thus intends to extend the scope of further research on the peace process by linking it with terrorism. The methodology of this research relied largely on qualitative analysis. A correlational research design is opted to conduct this study so that peace could be maintained in the whole South Asian region which is vital for the development of masses who are living here since a long time.

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