Hate Speech And Ridiculing Islam: An Overview In The Context Of Freedom Of Expression

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Dr. Hafiz Waqas Khan , Ms. Fariha Fatima , Dr. Muhammad Kashif Sheikh , Mr. Kamran Ahmed


Muslim societies are facing many social, societal, political, and religious challenges today. The Ridicules of Islam is also one of these challenges which are carried out in different countries for various reasons. Making fun of Islam through various activities using means has become a trivial hobby, the philosophy of freedom of expression defends these activities of ridicules, On the contrary, hate speech is not only disliked all over the world, but it is also legislated and its perpetrators are punished according to the law, but when it comes to making fun of Islam, the right of freedom of expression is presented as basic law. Although there are laws in some countries regarding blasphemy, however its punishment is minor, and it is not enforced. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to analyze this challenge and offer a balanced solution. This research will answer the questions as to what the effects of this act of ridicule of Islam are. This study will also point out the reasons of increasing tendency of the activities of Islamic mockery and draw the conclusion as to what kind of serious efforts are required for the solution of this problem in the present times and what role should the United Nations play in this regard. It will also propose legal and ethical procedures regarding the limits of freedom of expression.

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