Factors Affecting Association With Shgs And Economic Empowerment Of Women: A Case Study Of Dimoria Development Block Of Kamrup Metro District Of Assam

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Dr. Lokesh Boro


The investigation was carried out during 2018-19 in Barkhat village and Sonai gaon as case study of Dimoria Development Block of Kamrup District (Metro) of Assam to examine the factors responsible for the association of women with SHGs and also the increasing level of income of the women involved with SHGs. All total 211 respondents (samples) are selected randomly from the universe for the study. Using statistical tool Chi square equation, the study revealed that the association with SHGs and the respective factors, namely marital status, education level are inter dependent to each other. On the contrary, the association with SHGs and caste are not dependent to each other, which stated that caste is not as a factor responsible for the growth of SHGs. The study also stated that the level of income of the respondents is increased after joining the Self Help Groups. The conclusion of this paper is that Self Help Group is an important instrument which helps the rural women to accumulate power for their self-supportive life. Therefore the intensive effort should be initiated by the government of Assam to especially rural women in order to realize the objectives of SHGs movement in the state.

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