Muslim Women As Preacher In The Contemporary World: An Analysis Of The Limitation, Approaches And Resources

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Dr. Janas Khan , Haseena khan , Dr. Sardar Ali , Dr. Bakht Mina Sughra , Dr. Sumia Inayat , Safia Shah


The feud between the good and evil is waged since the creation of man. In order to distinguish between these two powers, Allah (SWT) sent His Messengers to show the human beings the right path. Now that the Prophet-hood has come to an end, it is incumbent upon the Muslim Ummah to perform this duty sincerely and consistently and not to make any negligence in conveying the message of Allah (SWT) to the people. The Qur'an in Sura Yousaf verse:108 mentions: “Say thou: This is my path. I invite to God with insight I and whoso follows me”

The above verse clearly states that after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the responsibility of this work now rests with every servant of the Prophet. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "Whoever sees evil among you, replaces it with his hand, if he cannot afford it, and then stop it with his tongue, if he is not able to do it, then consider it evil in the heart and this is the weakest part of the faith."

According to this hadith the responsibility of calling people to this blessing, its implementation, publication and survival is on the Muslim ummah without any gender discrimination, anyone who sees evil should stop it in every possible way, in this regard, the role of women is especially important because she plays vital role in building a society. In contemporary times, anti-Islamic activities by the West are on the rise ideologically and practically, the new generation is especially falling in the trap of atheism due to their ignorance of the true teachings of Islam. While Europe has accused Islam the most on the issue of Muslim women's clothes and rights. The answer to these allegations is when Muslim women themselves counter these allegations and preach Islam to non-Muslims as well as Muslims to remove these misconceptions.

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