Covid-19 As War Metaphors In Public Discourse: An Analysis

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Dr Mohammed Shafiq , Shakira Bibi , Dr Khadija Aziz , Dr Bakht Mina Sughra , Miss Maimoona Iqbal , Dr Mansoor Ali


Metaphors play the key role in developing our thoughts and language. Importantly, although many metaphors are non-dynamic, metaphor selections are rarely neutral. Various metaphors structure the same theme in various methods, having the potential of strong interpretations and evaluations. Even though sometimes metaphors may become controversial, because of specific framing and evaluations. This happens due to objections of the use of particular declarations. This article discusses holds a debatable metaphor: like the use of COVID-19 as a war metaphor in public discourse. Inside the domain of COVID-19 as a war metaphor, it has prepared the nation for battling with the hard times, it has raised the will and passion of the mob, concern and moreover empathy as well which has proportionally convinced the nation to alter their thought process. It has made sure the nations serious concerns for approving the newly imposed rules, sacrifices which has resultantly piled up the citizens sentiments and flexibility. Not only this it has also involved the enemies and fluctuating responsibility (Front. Sociol. 2021). Therefore, War metaphors are extensively used approach in public discourse to framing and representing the difficulties to be encountered. Human’s speech is incomplete without metaphors and politicians use this as a valuable tool to play with the public minds to gain their own interests. Politicians have deliberately compared COVID-19 with the war during the severe pandemic to make the people alert so that they can follow all the precautions to lead a healthy life.

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