Indonesian Female Da’i’s Language Style

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Dyah Rohma Wati , Djatmika , Sumarlam , Tri Wiratno


In the lecture, the female da'i of Indonesia use a variety of language styles. Based on the choice of words, the language style of female da’i in Indonesia is conversational and informal. Based on the tone, the language style of Indonesian female da’i’s uses a simple language style and a powerful noble style because, in the delivery of the lecture, certain styles are used to give instructions that are suitable for presenting evidence or facts and contain a noble and virtuous tone because it can elicit strong emotional responses from the audience. Based on the sentence structure and vocabulary, the female da'i of Indonesia employs parallelism, repetition, and antithesis. The topics of the lectures delivered by Indonesian female da’i were commonplace. The themes are also relevant to contemporary social realities, such as how to bring people together, guard one's speech, avoid arrogance, respect one's parents, not give up, comprehend God's power, and prepare for the afterlife.

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