A Comparative Study On Gender Discriminations In Education In Turbat District Kech, Balochistan

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Shazia Aziz , Meritorious Prof. Dr. Nasreen Aslam Shah , Shumaila Kamal Khan , Dr. Aziza Khan , Mukhtar Bashir , Fateh Muhammad


The Pakistan constitution mentions that all citizens are equal and there should not be any kind of discrimination basis on sexual category, thus the fundamental rights of women are be assured, and carefully planned peoples identical in all respects. The endeavor of research is to find out main reasons about low education, deprived of socioeconomic state of affairs, societal tendency, culture, religion manipulate and in decision making contributions which have shown the way to gender discrimination in Turbat city of district Kech, Balochistan. The Gender inequality is uncontrolled in Baluchistan and girls are not supposed to go school and pursue higher education, everything is controlled by man their societal interaction, deprived of good health care and social activities. The strict customs and norms, Illiteracy, patriarchal culture and authority of sacred individuality could be the main reason discrimination of gender in Turbat. Favoritism is everywhere and nearby every part of stages of life and along with many characterizes of living style; nevertheless, it varies with categorizes of educational background of the respondents. This study explored a variety of concerns of feminine faced on a daily basis existence in education, healthiness, social dealings and taking of decision in content of sex discrimination. This study has also highlighted the existing law and polices for women empowerment and its implementation. There is also core need of consideration of impact of gender injustice, inequality and bias attitude towards the female gender and the researcher will also analyze it on social context of Baluchistan. Another important factor that leads towards discrimination is the existence of cultural and religious taboos. All the above mentioned and multiple other reasons are of great importance and need consideration on priority bases including the judiciary, that be able to play an essential responsibility in achieving gender justice equality by implementing the provisions protected of Pakistan constitution in the constitution for protecting the women rights.

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