Role Of Pakistan Peoples Party In Political Alliances Of Pakistan Against Military Regimes (1967-2008): An Assessment

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Shaista Gohar , Safia Jawad , Nida Zahid , Zaib Un Nisa , Anbareen


Democracy is incompatible with tyranny, martial law, and illegitimate government. An alliance for the restoration of democracy in the nation is ultimately formed as a result of the undemocratic condition. Since Pakistan has a multi-party system, political alliances have always been an important component of her political culture. In the course of its political history, it has seen military government four times. During military regimes, the majority of political parties formed political alliances in opposition to the military regimes. Pakistan Peoples Party, one of the oldest surviving parties itself is emerged on the political scene of Pakistan as a resistance of first martial law regime of Ayub Khan. PPP since its inception in 1967 remained an integral part of all opposition political alliances formed against military regimes in Pakistan. This brief article highlights the role of PPP in political alliances that emerged against military regimes. The article describes the unique struggle of PPP and its sacrifices for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan.

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