Objective To Conduct A Pilot Study In Research

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Irshad Ullah, Dr. Aamna Saleem Khan, Dr. Mueezuddin Hakal, Shah Khalid, Muhammad Amir Hashmi


Pilot study means to conduct a research on small scale to know about the future of the study. This study tells us that either to conduct the research or not.  It’s actually the feasibility study or portion of the study on a small scale wheatear if it’s give the positive results will tell that the study will be better. This study gives the surety of the further study to be conducted. In this research a pilot study was conducted to know the effect and to find out about the reliability of the instrument which will be used in future research for a large scale. Pilot study can be conducted on any scale and people conducted the study on many number of the portion of the actual population. The design of the study is experimental in nature so the minimum number of participant required to participate in the study was selected. Pilot testing was carried out to know about the feasibility of the instrument and the improvement if required to made in case of issues with the instrument. Objective of the study was to know about the effect and correctness of the instrument. Data Analysis was performed with the help of SPSS 22. Results generated were analyzed and interpreted. Recommendations and suggestions were drawn and made.

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