Prophetic Approaches To Education: An Analytical Study In The Context Of Islamic Sources

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Dr. Shafiqa Bushra , Dr. Shakeel ur Rahman , Dr. Abdul Naseer , Dr. Badshah Rehman , Roman Ali , Nahida bibi


Education without change is meaningless like a body without a soul. The greatest example of teaching and changing the minds, souls and actions of peoples and the whole society is our Holy Prophet.  Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him is the Leader and Teacher of Humanity. He was a great teacher of his time and for the rest of the time in this world. His teachings are distinctive as he followed the divine revelations to teach his companions. He introduced a successful model of teaching, learning and bringing positive changes in the minds and actions of his followers. By changing the beliefs and actions of his companions he prepared best role model for the society, the rest of the world and history. He regularly educated individuals and groups, inspired and changed not only the life of his companions but the rest of the world through his divine teachings and learning approaches. The teachings of Holy Prophet cover all aspects of life which are suitable everywhere and anytime. His leadership and teaching techniques changed the whole social and economic life of his followers in a very short span of time. The significance of his approach motivates everyone to highlight the ways and practices of Holy Prophet. However this research is specifically concerned about the ways and techniques adopted by the Holy Prophet in the reading, mapping and shaping the minds through learner centered and adaptive learning method. It has been tried to cover the prophetic approaches of reading, mapping and shaping the minds, souls and actions of the believers.

  1. Learning through study of universe/things in Quran.

  2. Full time teacher and preacher

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