Cultural And Linguistic Dependency: A Sociolinguistic Study Of The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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Dr. Muhammad Abdullah , Dr. Rizwan Aftab , Dr. Rashida Imran


Culture reflects the beauty of life and woks like the setting of a scene including attitudes, costumes and appearances of the people (actors) and, language works like a soul in the human body in this whole scenario. When this all, (language and culture) are put together in a text, the text carries some expectations from its readers in terms of meaning making or sensual realization. These expectations may also be termed into interpretive frames which subsequently turn into certain subjective interpretations as well as situated understandings. The research in hand has explored this particular phenomenon in view of text of The Reluctanat Fundamenatalist a novel written by Mohsin Hamid after 9/11 New York incident. The research finally concludes that specific text indeed, needs specific interpretive frames for its true understanding. It is not only the language in the form of a text which conveys the meaning but, the cultures of the writer and reader are also equally important.

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