Global Media And Cultural Globalization: A Negotiation Of Cultural Identity In Tribal Community

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Muhammad Adeel Kamran , Dr. Mazhar Hussain Bhutta , Tahira Shamshad , Muhammad Ali


This study aimed to examine the exposure of tribal people to global media and its effects on their cultural identity. The study was conducted in tehsil tribal area of district Dera Ghazi Khan. A sample of 420 tribal men was selected through multistage technique and participants were interviewed using structured interview schedule. The study found that majority of participants were young, educated and spent more than three hours daily in watching/listening global media. The exposure to global media significantly increased tribal men’s likeness to adopt global cultural identity but reduced maintenance of local cultural identity very little. The young tribal men were heavy users of global media and were more likely to adopt global cultural identity while older tribal men used global media less and were more tended toward local cultural identity.

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