Phenomenon Of Dreams: An Analysis Of Historical, Religious, Scientific And Psychological Perspectives

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Prof. Dr. Fazlur Rahman , Mr. Farid Ullah Khan , Ms. Zuha Rahman , Dr. Waqar Ahmad


To define the phenomenon of dreaming, this study focuses on the evolution of distinct perspectives across time. Examining the significance of rapid eye movement (REM) in human body during sleep, science has probed the depths of dreaming. However, religious, and psychological research offer a very different image of the dreaming experience. It shows that while people appear to be sleeping, their thoughts are actually engaged in creative problem-solving and development. Numerous studies in the subject of dream psychology begin with the assumption that dreams are symbolic representations of real-life events. A proper interpretation of dreams could help in avoiding negative outcomes in humans. Scientists believe that the dreamer's own interpretation is the result of a process within brain based on fundamental predispositions such as pleasure, power, love, spirituality, etc. This descriptive study aims to shed light on these diverse perspectives on dreams by analyzing the existing literature. The paper has been concluded developing own perspective on dreams.

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