Impact Of Ragging On Students’ Social And Emotional Behavior

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Dr. Moafia Nader , Dr. Syeda Naureen Mumtaz , Dr. Amara Khan


The present quantitative study aimed to explore the impact of ragging of first-year College students by their seniors on their social and emotional behavior in Lahore.  It has been acknowledged that with a healthy blend of social and emotional behavior, students’ educational standard becomes better.  The survey technique was used to collect data. Self-reporting survey questionnaire was developed based  on literature review and after consulting experts. Six colleges in Lahore were targeted to collect data. The questionnaire was administered on 300 students. It was found that students who were ragged on onset of their college life , especially girl students wanted to continue the practice as a revenge  through ragging their own juniors. Similar was the case with boys. They felt disrespectful and embarrassment in front of their class fellows and college fellows. Their expectation about college life were declined and they lost motivation.  Zero ratio of committing suicide after ragging was found. The impact of ragging on student’s social behavior which includes their meeting with peers and class fellows, social interaction with college fellows was none, but the impact of ragging on student’s emotional behavior, feeling depressed, ashamed, anxiety was common especially among female respondents of the research. Social and emotional behaviour of  female students were found to be more influenced by ragging  than boys. 

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