The Factors Affecting Employee Satisfaction And Employee Retention In The Hotel Industry In Chiangmai, Thailand

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Nurki Maya Gurung , Dr. Taein Layraman


The current research study explores employee satisfaction factors and the relationship between employee satisfaction and employee retention in the hotel industry. The research data for this study was collected from 94 employees from several hotels in Muang Chiangmai, Thailand. In addition, the data was collected through a survey questionnaire personally handed to the sample selected for this research. The study results indicate a positive relationship between employee satisfaction and employee retention. The result also finds that work environment and teamwork affect employee satisfaction; however, leadership does not. In addition, satisfied employees are productive, and loyalty enables the organization to retain their employees, leading to higher employee retention leads to higher employee retention in the hotel industry. It is recommended through this research that more factors that affect employee satisfaction be analyzed and researched thoroughly. The management/leaders should build a stronger team, focus on teamwork, provide a safe work environment and conditions and respond to hotel employees' needs to increase employee satisfaction and retention.

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