Evolution In The Role Of Parental Mediation From Traditional Media To Digital Media Usage In Children: A Review Paper

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Patricia Michelle Mathias , Dr. Kriti Singh


From the era that saw the development of the press, followed by radio and television, to the current times where digital technology pervades the world, media- usage has evolved with a paradoxical construct concerning its benefits and its harms. While, yesteryears, saw television consumption as both a boon and a bane, one of the key concerns in contemporary times is the penetration of digital technology and internet access which can be beneficial as well as harmful.

The recent pandemic Covid-19 only promulgated the use of gadgets like smartphones for education, entertainment, and e-commerce. The increased usage of digital technology, with special reference to smartphones, has raised serious concern about its impact on children. Conscious about the media usage of their children, parents across the globe have resorted to parental mediation in their children's media usage to encourage healthy use and mitigate the negative impact.

This essay examines the evolution of parental mediation from its historic perspective and attempts to underline its significance in the life of children and parents across the world. Furthermore, it also tries to analyze the present body of knowledge to explore the importance of parental mediation and the types of mediation adopted to counter the current digital media influence.

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