Fishta And Sacred Hymns By Manzoni

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Dr. Alva Dani


Gjergj Fishta's translations are a priceless contribution for the time when they were produced and an argument of great interest that deserves to be expanded and analyzed these days. Alessandro Manzoni, an Italian romantic novelist and poet, was one of the greatest writers that Fishta studied and translated at a young age. The selection and youthful passion to translate Manzoni, his poetics and psychology, as well, was not fortuitous. Inside this Italian classic writer, our national poet found a worthy representative of romanticism, a writer with a strong religious faith and a poetic philosophy that would leave a sign and would inspire him not infrequently during his poetic creativity. The translation of the Inni sacri (Sacred hymns) shows that Fishta belongs to those translators who remain faithful to the content and style of the author preserving without any compromise the soul of the poem and the poet. Even though at a young age, Fishta already had the passion of a great poet, the deep sensitivity to capture even the smallest shades of meaning, which often derive from stylistic techniques or sound combinations between words or verses.

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