Internalization Of Children's Anti-Bullying Attitudes Under Parental Guidance

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In this modern era there are many acts of bullying. Acts of bullying occur in children, youth and adults

Materials and Methods:

The method used is a qualitative analysis of  narrative study of Genesis 4:1-16.

Result :

From the results of the pre-research conducted in congregational community development for youth, it was stated that 60% of bullying occurred in schools. 60% stated that they agreed that the cause of bullying was due to the lack of internalization of bullying attitudes through parental guidance. Internalization of anti-bullying attitudes can be carried out through a narrative study of Genesis 4:1-16 aimed at instilling anti-bullying attitudes, understanding the meaning of anti-bullying internalization and developing love and respect for fellow human beings. Internalization of anti-bullying attitudes in parental guidance teaches bullying is an act that God hates. Internalization of anti-bullying attitudes narrates about God's punishment for people who commit acts of bullying. The results obtained in internalizing anti-bullying attitudes through a narrative study of Genesis 4:1-16, children understand, understand, have enrichment and have anti-bullying abilities. Narrative Study Method Genesis 4:1-16 analyzes and narrates the story about Cain bullying his younger brother Hebel. The narrative study of Genesis 4:1-16 describes and reminds of the lack of internalization of Adam and Eve (as) parents, so Cain bullied his younger brother Abel. Internalization of anti-bullying in parental guidance is carried out bo during evening prayers, watching movies together, eating together and relaxing time.


The results obtained from internalizing anti-bullying to children under parental guidance have a positive influence on children. Internalization of anti-bullying in children, children will not bully in their lives. Children always live to love their siblings and friends. 90% of students answered that they strongly agreed and 10% said they agreed to internalize anti-bullying children in parental guidance through narrative studies.

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