No Confidence Politics In Pakistan: A Historical Analysis

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Hamid Iqbal , Dr. Muhammad Nawaz Shahzad , Usman Ali , Sundus Aslam , Muhammad Asif


This study analyzes the political culture of Pakistan in lieu of no confidence motions against the ruler. The constitution of Pakistan carries the provision of launching the no confidence motion against Prime Minster and with the consent of National Assembly; Leader of the House can be ousted. During the period of 1988-2022 three Prime Ministers faced this motion from which two were survived and one was ousted.To view the political condition of that time, newspapers and National Assembly’s debates are analyzed to conduct this research and the archival sources along with secondary sources are used for study. The study complies that National Assembly passed throughthis process due to strong opposition and sometimes foreign interference in political institutions of Pakistan. The motions against the elected Prime Ministers without any strong reasons imparted the undemocratic moves of political leadership of Pakistan.

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