Situational Leaders And Emotional Intelligence Among Preservice Science Teachers At Higher Education Level: An Experimental Study

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Bazgha Saleem Khan , Dr Sajid Anwar , Dr.Samina Begum , Dr.M .Aamir Tuaseen , Nusaibah Iqbal


The study is about the connection between Situational leadership and Emotional Intelligence, these are key ingredients for effective and applicative learning. These two helped stakeholders, curriculum developers, counsellors, teachers and facilitators to improve their managerial roles to enhance the productivity. This research article provided key notes for effective situational leadership and emotional intelligence among preservice science teachers at higher education level and its' effect on their professional competencies. Quasi-experimental design was employed to establish the aims of the research study. The research study was conducted at a public sector university in District, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. A convenient sample of (58) preservice science teachers was taken from the morning shift. The tools used for the research study were named as, Situational leadership and Emotional Intelligence Knowledge Questionnaire, Situational Leadership Scale, Standardized Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire and Professional Managerial Competencies Questionnaire. General improvement was observed in knowledge and skills of preservice science teachers regarding situational leadership and emotional intelligence and so, for their professional competencies. The research study recommended that by involving situational leadership and emotional intelligence, professional competencies in prospective science teachers may be enhanced. Preservice teachers should be periodically assessed for their professional managerial competencies in the subject of science whether they use situational leadership alongwith emotional intelligence.

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