Social Media Use, Participation, And Creative Expression Among Students: The Part Knowledge-Sharing And Academic Performance

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Dr.Shabnam Bibi, Dr. Jamila Begum, Dr. M.Hameed Nawaz


Despite its growing popularity, social media's effects on graduate research training students are little unknown. The goal of this study is to examine Social media use, participation, and creative expression among students: the part knowledge-sharing and academic performance' involvement and creativity. 400 research students studying at several universities in Lahore Pakistan provided the primary data. Findings show that through knowledge sharing behavior, students' use of social media is related to their originality and participation in graduate research training. Additionally, it was discovered that information sharing behavior mediates these associations, student use of social media is positively correlated with their involvement and inventiveness in graduate research training. The results show that altruism and knowledge self-efficacy are the main factors that influence students to share their knowledge via Social media and that trust and reputation are not motivators for students to do so. In addition, the results of this study also indicate that knowledge sharing via social network has a strong impact on students’ academic performance. The factors affecting students' knowledge sharing can differ between different people and contexts; therefore, future research could examine the differences in social network participation based on gender, age, education level, or subject. Based on the findings, recommendations are offered for using Social media in education.

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