Solutions For Moral Issues Evolving From Poverty And Unemployment In Developing Islamic Countries (In The Light Of Islamic Charity System)

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Dr. Muhammad Ramadan Najam Barwi , Dr. Ammara Rehman , Dr. Muhammad Yaseen (Corresponding Author) , Ghazala Bashir , Dr. Yasmin Nazir , Dr. Asia Shabbir


Religion Islam is the accumulation of such comprehensive commands, each ordinance of which has a complete comprehensiveness and stability in itself and has the connection with other commands too that if only one order is implemented completely, not only other orders also are accomplished nicely but the entire system of the whole society goes on successfully and efficiently. Each and every aspect of Islamic society is the cause of well-being for the whole of humanity but all beings. From these Islamic arbitrations, there is a command of ‘Charity’ which has a complete system, and it not only affects exoterically but esoterically too. It offers practical solutions for the well-being of society to those problems which arise from poverty and unemployment.

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