Who Created God? In Light Of Critical Analysis Of “The God Delusion”

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Dr. Humaira Khalil , Hafiz Sajid Yaqoob , Dr. Muhammad Yaseen (Corresponding Author) , Dr. Yasmin Nazir , Dr Muhammad Husnain , Dr. Muhammad Saeed Sheikh


An atheist named Richard Dawkins like many others came up with certain arguments questioning the existence of God in his book “The God Delusion”. His highlighted arguments revolved around the theory of Darwinism meaning that everything in this universe is a result of natural selection and evolution. He says that immoral contradictions in the old and new testaments are proof of the nonexistence of a sacred force. Another theory he presented was that if everything is created by God, then who created God in the 1st place? He also put emphasis on the idea that religion is a self-serving motivation, and it does not come from a divine origin. Although he talked about a worldwide topic, yet he failed to quote even a single reference from the world’s fastest-growing religion; Islam and presented his ideologies from a Christian perspective. Since the Old and New Testaments are the tempered scriptures that Richard Dawkins agrees to as well, his arguments cannot be considered valid considering these scriptures. Also, the theory he presented about the nonexistence of God goes against the basic principles of modern science as well. His key ideas are viewed and analyzed carefully and critically here considering the only non-tempered and original text, The Holy Quran. As a result, his work doesn't have actual academic support from anyone who studies religion from any angle, whether they be atheist or theist, liberal or fundamentalist.

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