Effect Of Early Childhood Education (Ece) Rooms To Retain And Enrollment Of Students Grade Katchi And Pakki In Government Primary Schools Of District Kasur

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Dr. Shabnam, Dr. Bismillah Sahar, Dr. Razia Noreen, Dr. M.Hameed Nawaz


The aim of the study was Effect of Early Childhood Education (ECE) Rooms to Retain and Enrollment of Students Grade Kachi and Pakki in Government Primary Schools of District Kasur. The population of the study was consisted of 294 primary schools and 9282 students in early childhood education classrooms of district Kasur. The data were collected through questionnaire. Early childhood education teachers were trained for early childhood education classrooms who teach only katchi and pakki classes in primary school of district Kasur. The results indicated that in many primary school early childhood education rooms were well decorated with wall papers sheets, blocks, trees, shapes, colors which shows the effectiveness of the early childhood education classrooms. Punjab Government has a goal to achieve 100% enrolment & retention and to provide not just free but most importantly quality education. Master Trainers for early childhood education teacher training from all districts of Punjab were selected. The Government provided the 46 kit items for the early childhood education children and also a caregiver for early childhood education classroom. A well decorated room was established for katchi and pakki classes and also trained early childhood education teacher. The third objective of the study was to investigate students’ interest, attention, and motivation in education. Provision of early childhood education class room in government schools has helped to enhance student’s interest, attention, motivation in education and laid a strong foundation for future education.

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