Level Of Validity And Practicality Of Electrical Installation Practice Learning Model To Improve Occupational Health And Safety In Vocational School

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Syamsumarlin Taha , Syamsul Bachri Thalib , Pattaufi , A. Ramli Rasyid


The learning model of electrical installation practices to improve occupational health and safety for vocational students that has been developed needs to know the aspects of validity and practicality through an expert validation process followed by the assessment of teachers as users. The process of validation and practicality testing of the model's product using a descriptive-qualitative approach. Then the data was collected through quiz instruments and interviews, and the data was analyzed by looking at the average score of the validator. After the teacher's expert validation and practicality, a descriptive conclusion was made about whether the practicum learning model of electrical installations has been developed and has met the aspects of product validity and practicality. The results showed that aspects of validity and practicality of teacher books and job sheets of electrical installation practice subjects were expressed as very valid with validity scores based on assessments from experts of: (1) for teacher books, the validity value was 3.7, or in the category of very valid; (2) for job sheets, the validity value was 3.6, or in the category of very valid; and (3) for practical values, the practicality value was 3.66, or in the category of very practical. Therefore, teacher books and job sheets of the electrical installation practice learning model that have been valid and very practical can be continued to determine the product's effectiveness.

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