Evaluation of Hydraulic Optimality using optimality indicator in Water Distribution Networks

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Ayatallh Shrief Mohamed , Hossam Mostafa Hussien , Alaa Hisham Naguib , Mohamed Hassan Abdel Razik


Hydraulic optimality discusses the concept of water circulation, and balance between pipe diameters and flow required in each junction to avoid redundancy, and achieving shortest path from source to consumers. Optimality of water distribution systems is generally overlooked in design. In this study an improved linear model is developed, to evaluate hydraulic optimality of water distribution networks through a proposed hydraulic optimality indicator ranging from 0 to 1. A case study of simplified network is considered to illustrate the application of proposed methodology. Through the application of this methodology, hydraulic optimality indictor can be improved from 89% to 95%, and junctions ranking similarity can be raised from 9.5% to 28.5% by upgrading the network through changing diameters of critical links located on the critical path, and this leads to energy saving, increasing water quality, and achieving sustainable water distribution network.

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