Crisis Management As A Form Of Tourism Policy Transformation: Review Of Tourism Resilience Research

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Febby Dt. Bangso , Sundring Pantja Djati , Himawan Brahmantyo , Margaretha Hanita


Tourism is the most impact sector during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, and this shows that there are still severe problems between theoretical and practical understanding in developing tourism as sustainable sector. Reviewing various references related to sustainable tourism, in the end, we come to understand that resilience is the basis for shaping tourism. The research was carried out utilizing 277 journals and 36 scientific documents with the main keywords 'tourism' and 'resilience' indexed by Scopus and Google Scholar. The databases were analyzed using the bibliometrics approach utilizing various computer software, especially VosViewer 1.16.8 and Publish or Perish 8. The main objective of this paper is to observe trends and study patterns of tourism resilience, especially understanding management and government adaptation strategies as potential future research. Based on this article, future research can be expected to deal with various threats in the tourism sector. The results showed that 62 keywords were most related to tourism resilience, which further grouped as five clusters of keywords, including 1) Tourism as a Socio-Ecological System; 2) Vulnerability of Tourism Destinations; 3) Sustainable Tourism Governance; 4) Risk-Based Tourism, and 5) Integrated Tourism. Tourism at least requires leaders who have innovation, collaborative communities, and adaptation patterns. Resilient tourism must utilize artificial intelligence, big data, media publications, news, and information. Tourism also requires strengthening the social system with the active involvement of various stakeholders. One of the exciting things in tourism resilience research as we advance is how to respond quickly as an early warning of a crisis with integrated control of various sectors, especially the government and society.

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