Impact Of Climate Change On Ecosystem: An Analysis In The Light Of Islamic Teachings

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Dr. Tahira Mumtaz , Zohra Malik , Dr. Sumera Rabia , Dr. Sumbal Tariq


The weather is changing very fast. Climate change is the reason for an imbalance between natural resources and human resources and sometimes misuse of these resources. Climate change is resulting from people’s activities, particularly by way of growing air pollutants. Climate change is taken into consideration to be a major threat to the environment. Due to High temperatures, glaciers melt, lakes and sea level rises, hurricanes and rainstorms come, wildfires, droughts, and floods are disastrous because of climate change. This study divides the topic into three parts which discuss all three sufferers i.e. plants, animals, and humans who are directly or indirectly affected by this issue. This research follows the correlational research design which highlights all aspects of the causes and effects of climate change and suggests some steps for prevention. Climate change impacts vegetation and animals and affects species’ survival. For human beings, climate change has many bad impacts on health, vegetation, agriculture, and livestock. It also becomes the reason for water scarcity which impacts the whole life circle of humans and destroys the natural habitat. Using renewable energy resources, recycling waste and protecting the ozone layer are precautionary measures for the sake of the development and well-being of all the creatures of the planet earth is the main focus of this research.

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