Analysis Of Harvest Productivity Improvementusing The Fmeamethodin The Vaname Shrimp Cultivation Industry

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Anang Waskito , Erry Rimawan


Background: Vannamei shrimp has a very potential market both domestically and abroad. PT XYZ, the Vannamei shrimp industry in Indonesia has not been maximized in its productivity. FMEAis a technique used to increase the reliability and safety of a process by identifying potential failures – or failure modes – in the process. This study aims to evaluate harvest productivity at PT XYZ, a company engaged in the vannamei shrimp farming industry based on the problems that exist in the operational sector.

Methods: Observing the problems that affect the productivity of vanamei shrimp harvest, especially in workers, methods, and technological innovations of the company. The analysis was carried out using the Fishbone diagram, why-why analysis, and FMEA methods to determine critical problems. The critical problems found were taken into consideration for brainstorming using the 5W+1H method to determine recommendations for improvement

Results:Human factors, methods, and technology have critical problems. Based on the calculation of the RPN in the FMEA method, it is known that the most critical problem is in the method factor, which is about the implementation of work not based on relevant data. The recommendation for improvement is that the company conducts an analysis related to the application of technology, making decisions about the application of technology significantly needed because the application of technology according to the company's needs can help overcome critical problems that occur.

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