Protecting Vulnerable Workers: Social Safety Net Policy In The Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis

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Neneng Sri Rahayu, Alih Aji Nugroho, Rima Ranintya Yusuf


The aim of this paper is to analyze how vulnerable workers facing economic challenges during Covid-19 pandemic. This study is also intended to know whether SSN’s is able to protects vulnerable workers during Covid-19 pandemic. This research use case study approach. Data collection was carried out with literature study, secondary data, and interviewing vulnerable workers, Biro Perencanaan Kementerian Sosial RI, and also Kementerian Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional PPN/BAPPENAS. Data collection was conducted on May untill August 2020. The results of this research shows that SSNs is not able to protects vulnerable worker  during Covid-19 pandemic. The presence of SSNs during Covid-19 pandemic presenting new problems in the implementation among others are the inequality in aids distribution, uncertainty of the procedures and requirement to gets the aid, data of the recipient is not up to date, etc. The government needs to review the SSNs policy during Covid-19 pandemic and improve poverty data, so poverty data are integrated.

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